The Practice of Law Jack Jackal The Actors Group
We Need a Book Deal Elvis... Suit/Deputy Orlando Fringe Festival
Fur Hat/Frozen Dog Don/Kevin Performers Studio Artists
Quilt Mr. D'Angelo Orlando Fringe Festival
Arabian Nights Genie/Sultan Arabian Nights
Accidental Death of an Anarchist Fool Saratoga Chamber Theatre
The Foreigner Charlie Baker Saratoga Chamber Theatre
Ten Times Table Donald Evans Saratoga Chamber Theatre
Angel Street/Gaslight Rough Saratoga Chamber Theatre
Inquest Irving Saypol Palo Alto Players
Amadeus Baron van Swieten Palo Alto Players
Antony and Cleopatra Mardian Shakespeare Santa Cruz

Julius Caesar Artemidorus
Cinna the Poet
Shakespeare Santa Cruz
As You Like It Corin Shakespeare Santa Cruz
Rosalynde (Various) Shakespeare Santa Cruz
Geography of a Horse Dreamer The Doctor San Jose Stage Company
Summer and Smoke Dr. Buchanan Sr. Pacific Actors Company
Lear (Edward Bond) Lear U.C. Santa Cruz

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